battle a winter depression in 5 easy steps

Are you always lacking energy in the heart of winter and spring still seems so far away? Then use these 5 tips to overcome your winter depression. People spend a lot of their time at home so we’ve figured out what small changes in your home can have a great impact on the ways you enjoy your home.

be honest with yourself

First off, a lot of people want to change a lot of things in their home. But they never seem to have the time. So right of the bat, let’s make some time! Think of ways to divide your time more effectively. Perhaps it’s more practical to seperate your laundry instead of throwing it all on one big pile every day. So first write down all those little chores you find so annoying around the house and decide which of those things annoy you the most. Then put all the items in order of annoyance.

Start with the most annoying things first, to get those out of the way and work your way down the list. You’ll notice that with every item you cross of that list, your house becomes a better place to live in. The further you get on your list the easier the chores seem to get! A clean house, is a clean head

get some new designs going

Now you’ve got rid of all those little annoyances in and around the house. You can concentrate on the comfort of your personal space. It’s time to create an environment that feels pleasant to you and makes you happy.  Most people have been living in the same house, the same living room for several years and just need a little change. A cheap but effective way to get a fresh look going is to rearrange the furniture in your living room.

Another way is by collecting new designs that capture the imagination! Go scour some street markets looking for inspiration and cheap items. New accesories in your house can brighten up your living room and liven up the place. Added bonus! Being outside all day, even though it’ll be in the winter sun, can have a positive effect on your mood. Being in a good mood is one of the best ways to battle your winter despression.

how plants will help you concentrate

A lot of people underestimate the power of plants in the home. They think it’s a lot of work to water their plants every week or don’t want to clean up old and dead leaves in their house. But being around plants has many positive effects on the human body. The effect of nature in the home and in the workplace serves your senses, your mind and has shown to improve performance.

Studies show that people performed certain tasks better and with greater accuracy while under the calming influence of common house plants. When they held these test outside in a natural environment, it showed memory performance and attention span improved by twenty percent. But even having  flowers around the house will increase levels of positive energy and helps people overcome their winter depression

colourful areas in your house

Besides having a pleasant environment, trying to create a great atmosphere can be difficult. But working with colours can enhance the mood in a room dramatically. What about an uplifting color in your room like sky blue. Or perhaps a more funky colour like orange? Orange isn’t just the color of creativity, but it’s also credited to increase energy levels in people and to have a positive effect on our mood.

Don’t be afraid to use a bright colour: It’ll liven up your room and increase your mood. Don’t worry, if you can’t get used to the new colours. You’ve got the rest of the winter to change it all back

Daylight to combat your winter depression

One of the main complaints during the winter is the overall lack of sunlight. Going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, is often cited as something that is experienced as pretty depressing. But even sitting at your desk all day. In a room brightly lit by fluorescent tubes isn’t everybody’s dream of a perfect day. has come up with a good solution during the development of our High – Resolution cloud ceilings. Our LED lights simulate real daylight, which means you experience a true summer feeling. Even though you are inside, sitting at your desk. The experience will increase productivity on the work floor and will have a positive effect on the mood in the workspace.

To prevent is better than to cure and this holds true for our winter depression. So use these tips  and turn your house into an exciting and positive place to be in.

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