4 Ways Your Ceiling System can Improve Your Productivity

Commercial ceiling systems are becoming more and more diverse and useful as we speak. We used to just have the standard white dropped ceiling tiles but we have loads of options to choose from these days. In this article we will only discuss the 4 different ceiling systems that have the greatest impact on your productivity and how to use them.

Which ceiling systems can not be missed in today’s modern office? Find out below!

the traditional dropped/suspended ceiling

The biggest reason almost every office is sporting a suspended ceiling is space and this space is directly tied to costs. Above every dropped ceiling is a small space that we use to stuff away cables, pipes and tubes. Because when we can hide it all, we don’t need a good looking, thus expensive solution.

In the case of any defects or the need to repair, acces to the parts that need to be repaired is very easy.

When a pipe does burst, damage to the panels are almost never a costly affair. You only need to replace the panels that are damaged and the ceiling panels are very cheap to replace. Compare that to the water damage that can occur when using a plaster ceiling, which almost always needs a professional to replace.

the acoustic ceiling system

Another important aspect of the dropped ceiling are it’s sound deadening capabilities. If you’ve ever worked in one of those modern, minimalistic all concrete (without a dropped ceiling) office bunkers, you know how important office acoustics are.

The last thing we need in our office, is co-workers shouting at each other, because 1 guy at the other end of the office is on the phone with a client.

In recent years the design of acoustic panels improved hugely, even so much you don’t need a dropped ceiling to use them anymore. For interior designers this means their designs can be a lot more creative and unique.

New developments in acoustic panels by companies like Ecophon are very exciting because it means you don’t need to work in a boring looking office to have good acoustics! Using acoustic ceiling panels in your office will improve the productivity and focus of your employees.

the infrared heating system

One of the more recent additions to the ceiling system assortment. The infrared heating system uses an ingenious way to heat our office buildings.

Many of our offices still use the conventional way of heating by pumping hot water through the building. Most modern office buildings changed to floor heating, which is a more efficient way to heat our offices. It still uses hot water being transported through the entire office. But because hot air rises and the heating runs over the entire floor, your office gets heated more evenly. As opposed to old school heating, where the radiators are placed at the sides of every room.

The infrared ceiling system on the other hand uses infra-red heating, what makes this form of heating so special is that it doesn’t heat the surrounding air in the room. The infrared waves directly heat the structure of the office building.

The infrared waves heat the buildings concrete and metal construction, even it’s walls and floors. Infrared heating is much more efficient because hot air disappears as soon as somebody cracks open a window.

The power of infrared heating means the concrete construction keeps giving off heat to it’s surroundings, even when there’s a window open. Another added benefit to infrared heating is that the panels can be placed in a dropped ceiling. No more radiators means extra space in your office.

Why is using infrared heating more efficient by Lumick.com

Lumick.com™ Sky Panels

The design of traditional ceiling systems were often guided by a limited budget. Ceiling panels needed to be cheap, easy to produce and quick to install in large spaces. The needs of your company and employees have changed however.

Research shows that cheap work environments aren’t the best solution for a productive office. The perfect workspace will have acces to certain basic amenities. Every workspace requires sufficient daylight, if not, this can negatively impact the energy levels of your employees. Even acces to nature can (positively) affect the concentration level of your employees.

The Lumick.com Sky Ceiling was designed for this specific purpose. The sky ceiling is a creative daylight solution that will end all your boring office environments. It’s an answer to every workspace at the end of the hall that doesn’t have any windows.

The combination of lifelike high resolution photography and daylight simulating led lights, improves the energy and concentration levels of you and your employees. Lumick.com makes it possible to work underneath a clear blue sky instead of a boring dropped ceiling.

Does your office have any of the aforementioned ceiling systems? Please leave a comment at the end of this page. We & others love to learn from your experience.

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