The story behind LED Sky Ceilings

LED Sky Ceilings was founded in the domain of healthcare as a provider of a visually attractive solutions to improve the patient experience. All too often patients spend days, weeks, months, potentially years staring up at dull, stained ceiling tiles. These tiles serve a purpose however do little to stimulate positivity. It is for this reason that we wanted to help transform the healing environment so patients and staff can benefit from looking out to bright blue summer skies.

Over the past 4 years and with be increased drive to improve the workplace, LED Sky Ceilings have been adopted in hospitals, schools, offices, dental surgeries and in the retail sector. Very often the objective is to improve areas with poor natural light or simply to create a retail “WOW” factor. The effect can be dramatic yet calming and can have positive effects on the well being of those working under our Virtual Sky Ceilings.

LED Sky Ceilings | Standard LED Sky Panels


By illuminating high resolution sky pictures with LED Lighting technology, you will really feel like you are working under a blue sky on a warm summers day. The colour temperature of our light matches daylight which makes it feel like you are actually looking outside through a very real window rather than an artificial skylight.

LED Sky Ceilings | LED skylight panel brochure


  • A positive distraction during treatment, meeting or visit.
  • More energy for you, your colleagues and your visitors.
  • The sense of outdoors alleviates anxiety and stress.
  • A visit to your institution or company will be a more positive experience.
  • A visual wow-factor within your company or institution.