will shed a new light on art BV brings a new product on the market under the name Photo Art. The unique combination of energy-efficient LED panels and special visual material is now available for on the wall. This way of lighting art gives your space in home or office a very special finishing touch.



Because of the cooperation with the Dutch Photo Museum, can use extremely particular image material what is made by top photographers. Especially for the introduction we brought together 50 masterpieces, including the work of Aart Klein, Frits Rotgans and Cas Oorthuys. The fifty masterpieces from the rich collection of the Dutch Photo Museum are presented with the latest techniques in the field of LED lighting. This lighting meets the highest demands and illuminates the work in a special way.



In addition to top photography which the Dutch Photo museum offers, there are many more possibilities. Several contemporary artists and photographers work together with us. We offer a curated selection of their best work, carefully picked by the artists and photographers themselves. offers young artists the opportunity to showcase their work but we are very proud of working with several established names.


Of course it is also possible to create your own work. Your pictures will be sharper and more depth in the work. It does not matter if the images are in color or black and white. By the choice of LED lights, which is similar to daylight, you will get also a pleasant feeling of Photo Art. Scientific research has shown that a contributes to the atmosphere and peace of mind of the human being

Would you like to see the panels for real: then come to the Goudsesingel 136, 3011KD in Rotterdam. If you can’t make it to Rotterdam please look for your favourite artist here.

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