Get your own Photo Ceiling

People spend most of their time at work in an office. So it’s a shame that most offices have a really boring interior. Just look up, you’re probably looking at a boring white suspended ceiling, like most of us do. But a photo ceiling by can change all that. Our photo ceilings turn any room into an inspiring bright workplace, where employees love to work. Research shows that the right light will have a positive effect on the mood of your employees and happy employees are productive employees.

manipulate the size of your room with a photo ceiling

A photo ceiling fits in any standard dropped ceiling and is fitted with a unique led backlit system. led panels can be used in either small or big spaces depending on the desired results. Smaller offices or waiting rooms can use the photo ceiling as a way to fake a skylight or to make the space look more spatial.

For other spaces like receptions and conference rooms, our photo ceilings or sky panels can be used to create a unique experience for your visitors. We don’t say; ‘create your own sky’ for nothing, the only limit is your own creativity.


endless possibilities with a photo ceiling by

The possibilities really are nearly endless, with our database of over 300 cloud options. But if you can’t find anything that suits your needs, we will go on a search to find your perfect picture. You can also supply your own image or a company logo perhaps.

Our installation service even makes it possible to install our photo ceilings in spaces that don’t have a suspended ceiling. A specially designed fitting system makes it possible to attach the panels straight to a concrete ceiling.

We always advice our clients about the best possible option, which is often unique to their situation. Spice up your working life with a photo ceiling and get in contact if you have any questions.

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