Openplan Design – London

Openplan Design is a supplier of Luxury Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Interior Furniture and Natural Stone. Their magnificent showroom in North London has a reception area which suffers from having poor natural light. Iraj Saedi (General Manager) was keen to improve this area to ensure their customers have a good first impression on entering their premises. The ceiling was quite low so the objective was to try and create some extra depth to the space by creating the illusion of having skylights to the outside.

Iraj and his team decided upon a 4×4 array as this was proportional and symmetrical to the room size and shape. They are more than happy to show anyone the array if they are in the area.

“The LED Sky Ceiling array provides an extra dimension to the space and always receives positive comments from customers”

LED Sky Ceilings | LED skylight panel brochure
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